I am not the one to discuss philosophers per se since I am “not” versed

in philosophies  –  my background as you know was “business, day and night”, had no time for “pleasures” or quests for “learning”

When I did give up   my  business, my health was in a dangerous state survival was the motive, purpose of my life, got me involved with many”alternative systems”  –  again “philosophies had nothing in common with “survival”

The “discovery of my psychic abilities, even though I used it all of my life “unknowingly of course”, became “very evident, as said, before than it was not self evident – it was a “normal occurrence for me.

I retired in 1974 closed shop once I got rid of my inventory; I did not go out of business where an auction was the usual system of doing so.  I avoided dealing with the crooked auctioneers, one way or another I got rid of my merchandise, lost money of course, but not as much if I had an auction.

from 1974 to 1977, I lived in Cambridge, got involved with the Theosophical Society and other groups propounding the same belief systems – studies handwriting graphology, palmistry, and gave reading on them.  Joined many groups of like minded people.

Left for Calif in 1977 , my itinerary was just one place located in Berkley , my channel told me that “it” will then guide me – I stayed one month in this place called LIVING LOVE, taught Buddhisst principles, did great work in decoding the “ego machinations primarily dealing with sexorientation”

Over one hundred people attended – it was a fantastic experience of course,

Out of the hundred young people ninety nine had SEX ISSUES  – I told them that I “did not” belong in this group since sex was not my problem -that I was too busy earning and supporting my family, then chasing women.

I realized at that time that people in general are victimized by their “glands”, and that of course deals with “overeating and perhaps a hundred other factors that prevent homeostatis in a person’s life.

Of course, sex is disguised in many forms  –  comes in many shapes/forms/iissues  –

I also realzied at that time using the “wisdom of Buddha of course” that

the Old Testament was right when it says:



which means of course we come in, in such poor shape that we in general

are “unable” to cope with the cruelty, ignorance  and all the other “GROSS inusticies that “welcome us into their bosoms”


WE COME INTO A WORLD OF INJUSTICES  -and who would be more informed about this than the Old Testament?


My health was in real bad shape, practically at “death’s door” – so my time/effort was meant to be utilized for this purpose.  I attended many different kinds of alternative systems in my process of self reclamation.


I am still on the path of course!  I got many certifications perhaps thirty or so in the process  – not for the purpose of “going into business”, the services I offered people were without charge! and this is!


My channel insisted that when and if I charge, it will no longer help me – I heard that  in a very strong voice!


My chance/opportunity of finding out what philosophers think belief had “no place” in my life, back then and today.  I pose questions to you since I am now awakening to  ideas dealing with philosophies of all kinds, and you being highly educated, help me seperated the chalf from the wheat in regard to how philosophers think,believe etc.


I may be wrong but I dont believe that any of the philosophers including Kant ever took into consideration the notion/idea that a word like “vibration” “frequency” has more “power” than reason,logic,intellect which I am sure they “must” use to get their determinations.


I also dont believe that philosophers ever took “into consideration” the notion/idea of “higher dimensions”, – mystics who were also philosophers perhaps Spinoza, may have incorporated  in their work, dimensionality.


The mystics, also philosophers in their own right, I am sure incorporated all of this and more with “metaphysics, the occullt, -extra ssensorial attributes that many people had knowingly and unknowingly, I being one of them of course!


It is amazing that even today, hardly anyone of consequence has “endorsed the higher dimentionality of the worlds within worlds that we live in, and the question that I ask is, IF IT EXISTS WHY ISNT IT UTILIZED FOR ITS HIGHER GOOD?


That is why I condemn our present worldwide educational system which prevents recognized people such as myself for introducing “their work”, something that I woiuld also do of course –



“to make a “difference, one must “know/See” the difference”


Naturally anyone with just “half a brain” would be just as “angry” as I am  in regard to the refusal of the worldwisde educational system to “allow the truth to emerge”


Instead like in the case of Uri Geller” – they considered him a fraud  – in my opinion he was “not” a fraud  – he came in with those “acumens”  like I came in with those “acumesn” also


I never studied anything in regard to my talents, abilities; its obvious “i came in with them”


My newfound skill of writing, is another perfect example  –  did I study writing? of course not,  – my musical talent also  – creating classical music without knowing “anything” about classical music and people liked it!


So why doesnt the educational system accept the “fact” that people such as myself “come in” with talents  – my merchandising talent in my business was also another thing I came in with –


I ran a hardware store, never was in a hardwared store; the same for toys, I was never in a toy store, had amailing order business; knew nothing about mailorder  –  everything I did I had no previous training none whatsoever, and did it “better” than the people in the business.


Ran a toy business, never was in a toy store  – many innovations, in regard to toys as Xmas I started the idea of a layaway plan where people selected toys two or three months before the season, picked them up a day or two before Xmas.  I had over 850 layaways in my cellar the last year I ran toys.


The big guys copied me  – for competitive reasons I started the idea of changing prices deaily using off pricing, something that retialers knew nothing about, i.e.  $2.22 , instead of the usual $2.00 $3.78 – before that everyone used  $1.99,  this was when competition was so grreat that

a once prospers toy store could be “out of business” in a very short time.

I came up with changing prices daily to confuse my competitiors and my customers.  I never lost a customer; I did lose some profit, but forme the customerr always came first.


I had to close shop when the TV come into the picture, it was taking up much of the profit, people were buying under cost TV toys which of course.

meant that I was losing business.  I ran the toy business for eight years and then used the same location to sell furniture, discount prices –

NO ONE COULD TOUCH ME WHEN IT CAME TO RETAILING  – I was offered a big job by a major corporation; my personal attorney had them as customers  – why? according to my attorny, “I had a good track record”. if I didnt have two kids I would have jumped at the chance to work for them.

There is no doubt that that was another INNATE skill I came in with  – public speaking never took a course,but I was on over 24 radion shows, gave lectures at colleges, and on nationwide TV,


all without notes! no notes, no preperation, where did that come from?

So, it would be real strange if I was like everyone else  – I am not like everyone else – those that know it, know it, those that dont, think I am a nut!


both are right of course coming from where they are starting from of course!


It takes “one to know “one” another clique that Sumner would condemn me for!

What is a Miracle?

of course there “are” real miracles and I have experienced them, but then I see miracles other than “real miracles daily”; miracles that people pay “no attention to them because of their “mind-set” which is “set up” not to notice daily miracles,  just  passes  them  by as if nothing of consequence happened.

Her is an example of a “normal miracle” of which I said are “constant” but people “cant see them, understand them, cognize them” due to their “involvement with ego pursuits” that of course have nothing “in common” with miracles, in fact, do their best “not” to  “recognize them”
why is this so?
If there are miracles that people in time of course, not only recognize them, acknowledge them and finally understand and accept them, meaning of course, the FACT, that  they have “nothing in common” with our “usual ego pursuits” when the right time comes when the “middle eye” begins to open, allowing the higher dimensions to come into “our” consciousness, and this is a “fact” NOT a fiction.
a “thank you” will be a constant reminder to the “HIgher Beings” that we are now WITH THEM’; not with our fossiled life form that we call our EGO.
Ego is meant to “control”.  where there is “no” control; there is no ego, simply said and done and executed.
I will repeat, “where there is NO control; there CANNOT be any ego.  So if that is the case and it is of course, how do we “get rid of our ego when 98% of the known world deals EXClUSIVELY with ego?
Greater minds have tried to solve this problem, than mine, but my channel which is “not of this world of course” has the Knowhow in regard to “how we destroy our ego without destroying ourselves “in the process”
First of all ” to make a difference, one must “KNOW’ the difference,; that is the first thing that MUST be accomplished.
Seperating the “chalf from the wheat” without that nothing can be done!
So, start questioning ALL of your BELIEFS, all of them;  once that is done you will be amazed of how small a number of your beliefs ARE NOT FALSE, you will discover that most if not everything that you believed is NOT TRUE!
and why is that?
Its that because if your vibratory system was analyzed and it CAN BE ANALZYED, which means of course, – what frequency level you are involved with and the consensus of course is that only two (2) percent of the worlds people, have any connection whatsoever with the TRUE FORCES IN OUR UNIVERSE; they operate on a level that makes “it impossible” for them to have “any notion” of what I am saying, NONE WHATSOEVER.
Only two percent use their ALPHA/THETA MINDSET which is the “truth mindset”; the other 98% do not, they are married to their Beta Ego level of understanding, discerning right from wrong; the chalf from the wheat!
Thus have no “idea” that miracles, the kind I am mentioning, should b e a daily occurence in people’s lives.
For me its a constant; just experienced one today, the reason why I am writing this blog!
Miracles again deal “exclusively with the UNintended, UNexpected, Our of the usual experiences that no ego has the mentality of understanding.
I am constantly “attuned” to this frequency,vibration, thus OPEN, to the MAGIC of MOVEMENTS OF ‘ITS EXPRESSIONS”

There is No Doubt

There is no doubt that “thoughts” whatever they are, are the primary oduc operanti of the human family – understanding “thoughts/thinking” should be the “first order of business”  unfortunately hardly anyone “takes that into consideration””; the how’s and why’s of thought are completely “overlooked” UNDIGESTED.  wHY?

the first reply from my channel is:  OUR EGO prevents us people who are souls of course whether we “know it or not” – and only 2% or less know that believe it or not!; the 98% have “no notion of what “soul is all about” not the least!
Keep in mind that thoughts can and “do” simulate emotions, good,bad indifferent, and who hasnt experience that?  Everyone of course!
It is now a known fact that every thought, feeling is RECORDED IN OUR PSYCHE; and I related a story about a hypnotist and his subject.  At one time I belonged to a “hypnosis society” and one of our best hypnotists, selected a woman as his subject, and before she was “put under hypnosis” she was asked to go back to memory of what she did today,(body,mind emotions etc) “before the hypnotist put HER UNDER”. that she did, and once done the hypnotist “went to work putting “her under”
I was there of course, witnessed the whole thing amazed at the results, very hard to believe, but true!
That was one of my many “realizations”; the fact that nothing is LOSt, NOTHING, including the thousands of thoughts that enter our consciousness without us even “realizing it”; we naturally act on some of course.
What does that mean?  For me that means that our emphasis on our EGO, is a complete waste of time, for the simple reason, ego thoughts being of the “wrong frequency are NOT recorded”  – for the recording to be successful, ego information is completely DISCARDED, as meaninglesss! which of course it is!
I never forgot that experience since it was worth SAVING!
There are three levels of hypnosis, the first two deal with the ego, the last one deals with the soul since the ego totally dissappears when the person enters the alpha/tetha level frequencies.
It is vital to know that emotions, especially negative emotions cause “dis-ease” in our bodies, must be cancelled out!
Its also vital to know that the mental connections we have with many things which are of course “energy in motion” whether we realize it or not, can cause problems mentally,emotionally, physically and even spiritually. It is again important that they be ROOTED OUT!  Our faculties are all “sponges”especially when the emotions “come into play” also when our belief systems are FALSE!
Thouights thrive when they are associated,linked with other thoughts, a common appearance, and if linked with emotions, the socalled “power engine”- and also with “false beliefs” added to them.
wow! how to root all of them out!  the first thing that “must be done is to get into the alpha/theta state” -that is the first order of the day, for without the alpha/theta, its all HOKUS POKUS, it becomes a  “tool” of our ego whose state as mentioned is the “beta” state”.  The ego is our ENEMY, now and forever!
I mentioned this in other letters, and it has to be with people who have “split personalities, with the same body, same soul, same everything.
However “being split” the persons body which of course “does not change” undergoes different SICKNESSES, the mind set is totally different, the emotions are totally different,
everything is different ‘EXCEPT THAT THE BODY LOOKS THE SAME.

Thought – what is it?

This is a “conundrum of course”; the most important aspect of our “being” is our “abiity” to think, however, that is only part of the story, that must be told.

What “is” thinking” who asks that question? not many, “if any”, we take thinking for granted without knowing, understanding the discerning “what thinking “is all about”
Thousands of thoughts STREAM THRU OUR CONSCIOUSNESS, without “us” knowing it of course; only selective ones are “acted upon”
that is, for people who “dont know who they are” once a person has an “iota” of who they really are, thinking becomes “selective!
and what “IS” selective thinking, usually referred as “critical thinking” the problem with the term “critical thinking” is tghe “fact” that that is the modus operanti of the “left hemispere “world”; the wowrld of the ego; in contrast to the right hemisphere, the world of the soul/spirit.
SO CRITICAL THINKING is truly “understood” MUST BE JUDGED by which hemisphere is “in charge”- is it the ego or the soul?
furthermore, since our world “cannot” be detached from the world of spirits, the astral world, hen it is “assumed” that much of our thinking, emotional, responses are faulty, EGOIZED TO THE HIGHEST EXTENT,
truth?  as mentioned many times does not and cannot exist on our physical dimension since as mentioned many times, the frequency of the physical dimension where duality, is the BASIS of its EXISTENCE, proves CONCLUSIVELY that what we call truth, CANNOT EXIST in this EGOCENTRIC WORLD WE CALL PLANET EARTH.
TRUTH CAN  ONLY EXIST IN THE ALPHA FREQUENCY STATE; our physical world is NOT THE ALPHA FREQUENCY STATE, ITS THE BETA STATE, frequencies of only 21-14 caN OPERATE SUCCESSFULLY on this “level of accomplishment”
In rare cases, with “rare people”; people who have the “capabiity” to go beyond the ego beta state, such as myself as crucial times of course, – called crucial times since the word “crucial” comes into play when the “right time” astrologically speaking COMES TO THE FORE!
My personal life has proven that numeral times –  as they say “go with the flow”  I am no exception to this “fact”; many others have experienced this particular “change happening”
Repetition is constantly in “progress” because the word comPREHENSION, gogency, is constantly in transition – cogency is a word totally MISunderstood by people of the left brain world  – they are like horses, the old milk horses with blindrs on their face –
Since change is he ONLY CONSTANT IN OUR UNIVERSE, constant  repetition is “in progress”  – to “fit” the channges that’s “constantly changing” what we call “truth” –  WITHOUT CHANGING THE POWER SOURCES, that make the changes.
Only on this dimension the physical dimension which I call “imprisonment, do we NOT KNOW, what changes are  –  we solidify change, try to won change by setting up “theories”that “stop change from happening”,
Phony laws of course – ego laws of course – the “curse of humanity”
overlooking “completely” the LAWS OF NATURE which when known, understood and abided,  guieds us to what we need “guided” – where our physical body, mind, emotions and spiritual nature, MELD into one FORCE that we call our SOUL.
Our socalled experts – ego experts have USURPED , every vistage of this
“power” – setting up “theories, laws etc” result?  wars, killings, poverty, you name it! its CONTAGIOUS!  – effects every little bit of life/energy in this world-  “i.e. climate change is just one of its results!  wars are another result, disease, poverty is another, mass murder cremation by the Germans, are another!
The soalled great thinkers during the Hitler time; philosophers that endorsed what Hitler did using of course, Germany Uber Alles, -the lie, the falsehood of the supremacy of the German people over all peoples, gave Hitler the “ammunition” along with The Kennedys, the Fords, the Lindberg and other oligarks -at that time, supporting Hitlers war machine -where Hitler got his money, also from rich German industries –
MANS INHUMANITY TO MAN  –  CAIN KILLING ABEL   –    abrahams two sons – ishmael and Isaac   – Isaacs two sons,  Jacob and Esau
and it goes on and on and on and on  –  THE RIGHT AND LEFT HEMISPHERES OF OUR BRAIN IN CONSSTANT BATTLE  – the world of duality; the world of ego and the world of Soul   -THE WORLD OF DUALITY,
what’s the solution?  as long as 98% of the worlds people “love their world of “duality”; there is NO solution  – compromise is their only solution, and compromise, historically speaking NEVER WORKED, and still dont!
can TRUTH be COMPROMISED?  can the beta frequency of 21 to 14 cycce per second be reconciles with the alpha/theta frequencies of 14- to 7 cycles per sec.
OF COURSE NOT, ANYONE WORKING WITH FREQUENCIES, nowadays its common of course, knows that there “cannot” be any comprise when “thought processes DONT JIVE”
so if compromise does not work, what will?
TRANSMUTATION   WILL   OF   COURSE, and how does “trans MUTATION” work?
What is the definition of “trans-mutation”?
IT DEALS STRICTLY WITH THE WORD ‘CHANGE” unfortunately people have “no conception” of the word “change” none whatsoever, this is the first obstacle to be overcome.
as we continue in “our quest” of the discerning of the DISCERNMENT, we will “come upon” the “secrets” of trans-mutation”  – that is a “certainty of course!
“if people “knew” what change was, IT WOULD CHANGE THEIR LIVES”
yes, of course –  uncovering the “essence of change” will, once the person is OPEN, will change the persons’s life!
So the first step of course, is to dismantel the power of the ego which prevents change  to KEEP ITS POWER.  Change is an anethema to the ego of course.
All of this was done when I signed with Silva Min  back in 1971  –
The same forces that forced Silva Mind to eliminate “case work”(psychic work) which in time “put it out of business – almost) over six million people took the Silva Mind course, still RUN THE SHOW TODAY AND EVEN MORESO!
Our media along with our world educational racketeers, “RUN THE SHOW”
SILVA MIND DOES “NOT TO MY KNOWLEDGE, do “case work/psychic work” that has been discontinued due to pressure, ego pressure of course!
Unfortunately we must die and come back when the Aquarian Age becones us to return to Mother Earth another time to see if this time, we wont fail!

What is a Thought?

What is a thought?  what is a cell, and what is electro-magnetizm?

Its apparent noone knows what a “thought is” and how a thought interacts with “a cell” and what both thought/cell interacts with out world of “electro -magnetizm.
Until “we” the people” have some understanding of these three major Universal forces in our lives, we are going to continue “spinning our wheels” as they say – going nowhere!
Of course we cant overlook the “atom” which constitutes  the “cell” – we cant overlook that “our thoughts “trigger” our atoms/cells ” and this “trigger” deals “exclusively with the universal forces of “electro-magnetism.
The all work with each other as if its only “one action” not three.  So lets investigate what’s going on –  I refer to it as the three SSSS’SSS, spontaneity, seredipity and synchronicity!
One without the other “cannot work”  –
The KEY to the process of course is the cell/atom – its as if ‘IT has the right frequency, the “master key” that makes all of this possible.
Proof?  that happened to me over forty years ago when I did Silva Mind work wherein I was able within a few seconds LINK with whatever I desired to link up with as said in seconds, thru this process that I am now witing about!.
During the early seventies the black panther movement was very active in our country, Angela Davis was prominet at the time along with the Black Panther Movement.
I was told to “go to m level which is of course, is my fourth dimensional MIND, – I almost got the name of the person;, I received the initials of GJ california,  I said the anme was George, and the surname was Josephson, George “was” the right firt name the second name was Jackson, the difference between JOe and Jack, amazing isnt it.
I described what this person looked like TO A “TO”, the face I saw was the same face I say a day or two later in my local Globe Newspper, I have the clipping in my library.
How can this be done?  IT CANT BE DONE ON THE DIMENSION, THE TIME SPACE DIMENSION THAT WE LIVE IN TODAY  –  I was NOT in the third dimension when I “went to my level, I was in the 4th dimension, not the third dimension”
After seeing this person I saw a black spot on his temple, the next minute a slumped on my chair, and when asked what happened, said I was shot dead.
Now we return to the main thesis of this article which of course is  – the cell, the atom, the thoughtsinteracting with both plus the influence of the electro-magnetic world thru the processes I call the three SSSSS;s, “serenditptiy and synchronicity and spontaneity
the principles of the time space third dimensional world DOES NOT APPLY HERE, none whatsoever.  Thus our scientists “imput” are useless, the fact remains, time/space has nothing “in common” with the upper worlds nothing at all!
Thoughts in my opinion transcend the time/space world; I am not talking about thoughts we call “chitchat” those are “not thoughts”; what they are belong to the astral emotional world, most likely “undigested feelings etc”
Real thoughts have no emotional congruences with them  – they are “pure” they come from the higher dimensions- brought down to the world we live in which I call the third dimensional world.


I wrote about this word “division”; another word of course would be compartmentalize, a real big word with “very little substance attached to it. What does it mean?  what does the word “division” mean?

Most people never in their life time ever considered either of these words in the “sense as I am using them now” – and that is easy to see since most people live “in a prison without bars of course, self imposed “bars” of course, called “their comfort zone” – where “everything is in a safe secure compartment, –  once “shuffled” causing “disruption, is called a calamity!
We are no “in our studies” at the point where we must “at least take a peak out of our apartment, department, compartment, to see what’s happening “outside of our self imposed prison called “security”.
The “real” world has nothing in common with the world that “we created” our socalled “comfort-zone world.
We are not “seperated”; nothing is “seperated” it just appears to be seperated because we are “near-sighted but dont know it.
Nothing is disconnected as it apears to be!  that is a fallacy that our ego has contrived so that it can run your life and everyone’s life, and to back it up it has the scientific communities approval, wihc of course is our educational system with its PHd’s “all over the place acclaiming the “power” of the crime ridden ego laden system of criminality!
Criminals of old used guns – with the advent and growth of our educationa system especially in regard to “laws” written by criminals called “lawyers”, the sons and daughters of our old criminals found the easy method of extracting/stealing money withoiut the use of guns arms; they found that words skillfully aarranged, with the help of crooked jurors and judges, is all that is needed.  They went the legitimate route, using laws to is capable of filling their deep pockets LEGALLY!
The stupid ones of course in time, used to give the impression to the public that the law does work  – for every white color crime resulting in jail time; perhaps twenty five to fifty do not get caught  –  they get away with it scott free!
Now returning to what is happening with us people in regard to how we conduct our lives  – first of all we think and believe that we are sacrascent in respect that we are in charge of our own lives; that the Universe in general has no connection to “who we are, what we do and how we think””  that of course is UNTRUE.
We also believe that there is no connection “within our being, that is a connection between our thoughts and our feelings, between what we think and act with how our body “reacts” to these “inputs”.  We not only seperated ourselves from our Universe/god, we seperated ouirselves from OURSELVES.
Thus when the body reacts, get sick we pop pills instead of asking ourSELVES “whats the matter”, what did I do, say, think that caused my elbow, foot, neck etc. to start “kicking up” complaining with pain?
We are not only disconnnected from the Universe, we are also disconnected to our body bigtime! disconnected from our emotions, big time! disconmected to our mind big time!  and in respect to our socalled spiritual “nature” other than saying “I believe which of course is a lie since
noone can say I believe when their modus operanti says and does the opposite.  Its all a farce of course, just acting, playing the game, and appearing to be “normal like everyone else”
LIARS ALL OF COURSE  -self lying is so natural that noone pays any attention to it at all  –  overt lying is where most of the evidence is pointed to, not where lying is endemic, and epidemic of high proportion.
When a person is “in touch with him/herself, he/she is capable of “knowing what’s really going on  – not without,  – but whats within – and the quest of this article is to investigate and understand what this is all about.
tThe main proponent of “superficiality” of course is US, you, me and everyone living on this planet  –  we call it for want of another word ‘OUR EGO’, our idea of what “reality is all about” and guess what?
ITS ALL A LIE OF COURSE, since our ego is perhaps the most STUPID DEVICE around for determining “what is” and “what isnt”  –  it lacks the insight, understanding, wisdom, discernment of knowing right from wrong, and a multitude of thousands of other “means of understanding” it certainly has no spiritual connotations to it, thus falls flat on its face when dealing with the TRUTH!
Unfortunately the worlds educational system cannot operate with the power and influence of the EGO  –  thus reason,logic, intellect, have no purposse whatsoever in the short and long of determining what is, and isnt TRUTH!
Trjuth “transcends” our dimension, our ego beta frequency dimension; you wont read about it, hear about, because “once the cat “is out of the bag, the goose is killed, the whole educational system collases!
So its important to keep the six billion out there, DEAF,DUMB BLIND, and keep them in sevitude to their “overlords”  – who are our socalled “betters”, a mighty position created by egos of course!
We are now approaching the “idea” of what is mind, frequencies, ideas, and what is our body which can be called “flesh” since the other is non material; flesh certainly is of course.
However whether we like it or not, the bottom line is that “there is no seperation between them for in the “final analysis” everything breaks down to “atoms” which of course become frequencies which in time become materialized  –  etc. etc.
You may call our physical body , the  result of atom’s materializing utilizing all of the necessary requirements to become what we may call “living flesh” a term that means  –
every atom in our body knows what every other atom n the body is doing all of the time, even though the head, the mind we call “ourselves” do not for the simple reason we have “shut out” all of the conduits that allows communication to flow between all of the socalled “circuits”  The main circuit would be the brain which is controlled by our “belief systems” which are controlled by all kinds of inimical sources that “roam in our Universe” not just in our isolated planet called mother earth.
There are worlds within words as depicted by MANDELAS Buddhist systems showing the interrelationship of one sphere to another sphere, each believing that they are “all alone”  –
Science fiction is no longer science fiction why?  technology obviously was and is capable of “breaking down all of the blocks that scientists with  small minds have used for centuries to stop enlightened scientists from leaving their comfort zone.
I did that in my own way when I ran two retail establishments, using techniques, methods that my competitiors knew nothing about, which later they copied of course-  I coiuld do it because I was not hampered.  Not so with the society I formed and the site that I planned to have on the internet, my ideas were useless because I had no control over both places  -others that did not have my vision, or sincerity, short circuited my effort.
MY BLOG SO FAR IS SUCCESSFULL, PARTIALLY SUCCESSFUL, since all of my articles over two hundred are still in my computer system, not posted for the world to see!  why? the same reason my society/site failed of course!
Over 25,000 people visited my blog in one year; next year tht wil double and then triple, for the simple reason, PEOPLE ARE LITERALLY DYING TO READ WHAT I HAVE TO SAY AND THAT IS WHAT THEY SAY!
as my son Richard said today in his email;  Dad, you have the “human touch”; you know how to reach the common folk, that is a gift? of course it is a gift since I never wrote in my life – my expertise was speaking, I had a very good speaking voice, powerful speaking voice; writing was foreign to me.
This “gift” came in an opportune time of coiurse – if I coiuld reach over 25,000 people the first year that should double or even triple, next year.
In time that will grow and grow, my job is to keep well; I will be 91 yrs old in about two weeks.  Doing my best to keep functioning – my obligation now is to “enlighten people with “heavy hearts” that need “guidance” “away from the decadence of the world that we live in today  -without a penny cost to them!
My blog will be my last chance to break the power of the ego over innocent lives –  without the mumbo jumbo usually attached to so called spiritual subjects.
Idol worshiping is OUT  –  teenagers love idol worshiping, their rock stars, movie stars etc., adults use other “icons” for their idol worshiping, these people lost complete control in regard to the “fact” that they are not egos, they are souls –  souls do not need worshipping of any sort, no idols, no icons, nothing that smacks of egotism!  that means money, power, they are also forms of idolatry of course!  Billionairs, Gates, etc. are idolized fro their wealth.


It is obvious to me that the world of “reason,logic,intellect” is now being assaulted big time  – it appears that there are many things on the internet dealing with the word HOLOGRAPHIC  – which counters, “reason,logic,intellect”  -which of course is “limited by time/space”

How many professors even those “teaching the “subject” whatever that may be since everything being connected despite socalled “differences” another world that needs “redefinition” because -once the world “whole” comes “into view”  –  everything else which of course deals “strictly with time/space” loses its “significance”
So it appears to me that there is a momentous “battle” being fought in this world between the “universalist/non time/space and their arch enemy, the time/space relativists”; each propounding theiir undrestanding, views of what “reality is all about”!!
Unfortunately our educational system which is of course our “belief system” since they “run the show” shows no intention of “letting go” – thus the word “change” will not happen until “everything falls apart!.
How that will happen and when that will happen is an evitablility of course!
When the economy finally collapses “under its own weight”; people become desperate, they will “overthrow their French aristocrats” –  the antecedents of the present oligarks(educational pundits) and instiute and reinstitute the “truth of “all that is” – in preperation for the Aquarian Age, I hope to be still living at that time!
That wont happen of course until the present corrupt system, “completely collapses “under its own weight9corruption) and inevitability of course!
The present aristocrats will all have their “heads cut off”  – one way or another!
a new “construct” will emerge out of the ashes; the rising of the PHoenix.
New souls arriving daily are “advanced souls” – not the same “trash” that ncarnated the last 25,000 years during the Piscean Age –
Interestingly enough I am not the only psychic that made that prediction, I have articles where others have said the same thing.
My blog will in time have millions of views  –  once I am in charge of posting, hopefully Richard can help me with that when I go back to India soon.
As mentioned, my site failed because “i was not in charge” I depended on others and they were not sincere!; the same thing happened when I formed my society years ago, that also fell apart.
The “moral of the story”  dont trust others, do it for yourself, smply done, simply said.  My blog is now going to be “in my hands, and my hands alone”
People are slowing but “surely” gravitating to my site, over 25,000 people came to my site in just one year’s time, that is utterly fantastic!
Much of what came was simply junk, and that is to be expected  – I am sure that when I post not forty but over two hundred, there will be more people that I will reach,; people telling people of course that is how its going to grow, again PEOPLE TELLING PEOPLE.
In time Googles will realize that my site is POTENT, and wll give it the right status where more and more, perhaps in time a million will “visit the site” and why not?
WHO DOESNT NEED WHAT I WRITE?  everyone of course, that is those who “know the difference”; the others are basically “lost souls” looking for their “misplaced shoes”  –  or their next “victim”-  “sucker”
So I do have a “mission” in life despite my UNsuccess with my society/site
a mission that “cannot be contaminated by people who are LIARS  –  UNfortunately liars find it easy to live in the ego world we live in today!
Why point your finger at me, you are a liar also?!
So join the “crowd of liars” that contemplate their next “victim”
thanks for your great letter – in which you “placed the “blame” in the right place, the amygdala   -(the survival “instinct)  –  obviously nothing is stronger
than the amygdala – and its located in the left hemisphere where believe it or not, REASON,LOGIC,INTELLECT find their home, not the right hemisphere where not the ego which of course “is”; reason,logic,intellect< but the SOUL, the spiritual aspect of ManKind.
So the bottom line says:  “listen to the voice within which “knows the difference”   TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE, ONE MUST KNOW THE DIFFERENCE”
and not to the ego,left brain where the amygdala, our survival instinct
is the “boss”
The Soul will emerge as the primary motive for a persons’s existence, not the amygdala, once the New Age comes into being!
My blog of course is “there” for that reason; as long as I live I and my blog will constantly “remind” viewers that they are not EGOS; that they are SOULS, and must use their faculties, their right faculties, not their “reason,logic, intellect to “determine” what they do in life!
They will be shown how to go “within”; not without which of course IS; reason,logic, intellect, for guidance in their lives  –
My blog is doing that right now; what I need to do with my sons help is to put over 200 posts on my blog as soon as possible  –
What’s happening of course  is PEOPLE TELLING PEOPLE like facebook etc. – regarding my blog  -that is how it is growing, people telling people.
Once I get my two hundred articles posted, that means that thousands and thousands of people will be taken out of the “poverty of mind,belief” –
at no cost to them of course , its my service to MANKIND before I die of course!
My newfound skill of writing – was meant for this blog of course, -another miracle along with the other miracles, like my composing of classical music which I never listened to; and now the miracle of writing.