WOW! CONSIDER THIS – We Are Not Our Emotions, Our Thought?

What’s going on here? yes, we have emotions, we have thoughts, but are they us?

we have Eggs for Breakfast, are we the eggs?  there is some kind of Anomaly going on here?  yes, we have bacon/eggs, again are we the bacon/eggs if not “what are we”?
unfortunately we think we are our emotions, thoughts, in a sense we think that the eggs, bacon are “us” the same way that we think of emotions etc.
so the bottom line is:  dont identify with your thoughts and emotions  –
when we set up these barriers, we set up false beliefs systems.
our ego is a “false belief  system since our ego dies when the body dies which means of course is a “false belief system”
does the Soul die when the body dies?  of course not  – its not a false belief system  – souls cannot die, simply done, simply said, but who knows that?
Certainly Egos Dont Know That and who in general in the pecking order follows the “tenets of the EGO World??
the elites  –  the erudites   – the scholars  –
these socalled “falsehood promoters” certified by other “falsehood promoters, their shills, our education collegiate system  –  who are aided and abetted by our crooked political structure
                T H I  S    A    S I M P L E   WAY OF KNOWING
                         W H O    R  U  N  S    ” T  H  E   SHOW”
and who can deny this FACT?  Noone of course, even the “criminals
                                     just   inunciated!
what can we do about it?  first we cant play the game of “I didnt know”
that game of “ignorance” work any longer  –  buy the book Excuses Begone by Wayne Dyer  –  he “lets the cat “out of the bag”
and continue reading our blogs  –   read all of them, not just a few until you “get the “realization you need to destroy your nemises , your ego!
The ego cant be totally destroyed since it “has a role in this time/space world  –  since this is” the representation of the world of materialization.
Just make sure that you “place the ego where it belongs; down in the bottom of the “pile”, not the top where is reigns today supremely!
the purpose of our messages is to ” raise the consciousness of people who believed “with all of their heart that their ego  WAS THEM  –  this people reading our blogs “in time of course” will one day come to the realization (epitomized_ that the real purpose within their being is their higher self which of course is their SOUL!
that day “will come for those who are ready to “receive”
our blog is “your teacher”  –  the myriad of messages already listed,
will in time,  “show the way”  of  Transformation  – from ego to soul
that process is already inbedded into the spirituality of our messages!  a method unknown by 98% of the worlds population.
all it needed is  –   the simple act of “opening the magic box which contains the necessary ingredients that “makes this transformation possible!
and what are these “ingredients”?
 1)  the frequency called Alpha/Theta
 2) the uncovering of false beliefs
 3) the willingness to “change”
 4) the recognition that the ego is a “false god”
 5) in time the “shedding” of the ego
 6)  the emergence of the higher spiritiual dimensions
 7)  No long dependence and “belief” in the elites,erudites/scholars
 8)  these eogistic “false gods” replaced with ingrained innate faculties”
 9)  listening to that “little voice” within that these false gods replaced.
and of course     –    keep reading our blogs   –   you can purchas an alph a tape from Silva Mind, on the internet  –  play that tape consistently until it become  YOU, the REAL you and “in time” will REPLACE your boss/ego with the REAL YOU, the Soul.
now who doesnt believe what my channel just “outlined”  of course the mighty powerful educational system owned lock stock barrel by the
ELITES  – who “buy the Erudites”  who buy the Scholars  – and that of course includes our historians, the crooked ones of course!
THERE ARE EXCEPTIONS IN EVERYTHING  – there are good elites people who do good with their money; there are good erudies and good scholars of course, as there are good politicians also.
but informationaly the ratio “is way out of line”
that is for sure!  – and of course  –  corruption can start at the bottom and go right up to the top  – meaning the guy in charge  – read the good historians on this subject  – which of course indicts our  presidents, big time!
and that goes for all of the political structures worldwise!

SPONTANEITY WHAT IS IT? —– Why Is It Vital To Our Life?

For the “ego world at large” the word spontaneity has “only meaning” that deals “exclusively” with our dictionaries interpretations.

So basically speaking the word “has been degraded by our dictionaries” since our dictionaries are written by “egos”  –   and “egos” being ego’s are limited in their “deep understanding of what the “real world” is all about.
There are also two other words that must be “taken into consideration” they are: Synchronicity and Serendipity  –  the dictionary also has trouble with the true definition of these world.
In a sense  –  they are all “saying the same thing” and what is this “same thing”
they are all saying, indicating that the UNSEEN forces in our planet and Universe, are the “dominant energy force in our world, and in every other world in the Universe including the  “spiritual 4th and 5th dimensions.
Our world as you know is the physical time oriented, space oriented 3rd dimension  –
again starting with the word “spontaneity, what does it mean to you< and how do you  “work with” this “energy called spontaneity, what does it “imply”?
well, for me it implies an “action that happens “beyond our control”  – and “unseen energy force” that majestically and mystically “just happens” on its own without “us” knowing the hows and whys of it!
likewise for the word synchronicity and Serendipity  –  “being in sync, is a common expression when “thing just happen without us knowing the hows and whys of it  – but as said, magically and mystically,  synchronicity takes over  –   our ego is unable, and incapable of “knowing what’s happening”  likewise for the word “serendipity”  –  when something happens “on its own” which means no ego interference, none whatsoever  –   and what “is” ego interference?
reason, logic, intellect is “ego interference”   every this is left brained, organized, “LINEAR’, nothing is “left out of the equation”; all bases have been “covered” from top to the bottle but then  ——–   something “unusual” happens where our reason,logic,intellect, our EGO powers,
all “drop dead in their tracks  – as if they never existed, and these three forces/laws from the 4th and 5th dimensions “takes over”
and all of our “linear plans based on our reason, logic, intellect” go ASUNDER!  just disappear as if they never existed.
synchronicity also a Law of Nature emenaating from the higher spiritual dimensions, like the most powerful computer on the planet  – makes damn sure that it is CAPABLE of “tracking everything that has happened, and will happen  –  PERFECT in every respect  which we then
call Serendipity  –   which of course  –  allows the higher forces to continue “playing with our ego as if the ego was a “stuffed animal”
which has no volition of course.
Serendipity  according to our dictionaries, has no real definition, as
spontaneity has no definition; likewise for the term spontaneity.
These three Universal Laws  –  work hand-in-glove with the Metaphysical
world that people like myself, a right brained, non linear thinker – accepts as “normal”  –   because  the non linear mind, negating the ego system of “reason,logic,intellect, uses the “creative force in the Universe, for  Its GUIDANCE, direction in their lives.”
again –   what’s really cogent, vital, important in a persons’s life?
Money of course but then, I know a person who was wealthy for years; and somehow lost his money, what then?  what else is important in life?
work,  position,  professional and no professional status  –  a good example of course and I have used this example since, it deals exclusively with the woman I married.
She lacked nothing since I supported her “in style as they say” she lacked for nothing other than  the need for “prestige”  –   and I indirectly supported that need for her,  –   but that was not good enough since prestige is only a “cover-up for more serious psychological problems”
Her desire became “realized”!  – instead of making her happy, she went the other way completely  –   she started to attack me verbally; trying her best to set up a separation between me, a non educated person; and her a much educated person –  and had proof of it of course, but then who paid for her nine years!
I did of course  –   who never in twenty three years “ever put her down”?
it wasnt me for sure  –   this woman became “deranged” and for what reason?  I am surmising of course, but believe that once she got her wish, a PHd it was “not fulfilling”,  the dream fell apart, and guess what, “it was my fault”; not hers”
the end result, our marriage once she got the PHd was over!
as a metaphyscian, I say that the three laws spontaneity, serendipity, and synchronicity worked like a charm, they gave me my
FREEDOM! to pursue another career one that I actually loved since I was a good businessman and new how to handle my self in all respects.
Since I came in “as a psychic” and this aspect of my life has been proven over and over again  –   I was in several business when I knew absolutely nothing about any one of them, but then, I was an “innovator in all of my businesses, retail  –
started the first homeowners discount, sent out 8,000 discount cards to people that owned their own home; had a girl collect the name from the city halls assessors office  –
started the first self service hardware store, in the city of Cambridge that had 25 hardware stores.
started the first hardware store selling XMAS toys  –  in time others did also, they followed my lead.
got married did not want to work with my younger brother, and left the hardware business to him.
two years later opened up my own business that sold linoleum, rugs, baby furniture, and auto supplies. and toys Xmas time.
Knew nothing about them other than toys but then kept my contact with the company I bought my toys from when I ran the hardware business.
my brother who took over was not a good retail merchandiser, he had to turn to “giving credit to people he should not be giving credit to  –  construction builders  –
he got his Xmas toys from a company who was willing to on the basis, that they get paid when he sells heir toys.
Being a lousy retailer  – they both failed since I did all of the business, in Central Sq, Cambridge.  I had a sound truck with my sign on it,  NOONE TOPS TOPPS FOR TOYS TOPPS TOPS THEM ALL.
the name of my store was TOPPS of course
i stared the first organized system of merchandising toys, and how that happened is a story in itself.
I ordered in 2000 toys, the wholesaler selected these toys since I was out of the toy business for two years which meant that I was “out of touch” with what sells  –  i  did not have the money to pay for them, so I got credit from the toy wholesaler who liked and trusted me 100%.
consignment is how I got all of my other merchandise since I had just enough money to pay for the fixtures, signs , nothing for stock/merchandise.
The Guy Upstairs was watching out for me, since I could have been wiped out in one year, I had no reserves to back me up.
I even got up six in the morning with my helper, and flooded the whole area with toy circulars  –  along with my sound truck,  p- along with my new merchandising techniques  – “how to sell toys”  I was never in a toy store; and my folks being poor never bought me or my brothers toys.
but then I knew how to sell toys, and the person working with me, had to follow me, as I wrote people up for lay-away purposes  –
the last year I sold toys I had over eight hundred and fifty layaways in my basement  –   and every toy people bought thru layaway was checked out by one of my helpers, and signed by the customer, stating that everything they paid for, they got.
and I made sure that the money they spent, and buy twenty or more toys, that they did not over pay  – I put in the amount of every toy attached to their invoice.  Many small retailers were crooks, especially if people bought many items; I made sure that noone would call me a crook!
After Xmas if people found that some of their toys were bad; we told them to return the toy and we will replace it  – no one got screwed.
that is not true for most retail businesses  – especially the big boys.
There cam a time when the “big boys” were determined to wipe out the small stores like myself, using price racketeering i.e. price racketeering is where the big boys, find “hot items” mark them lower than cost  – giving the impression that they have the lowest prices.
they were successful they  “knocked out all of the small stores in Greater Boston< except my store,  m sales grew, not the other way around.
So what did I do to save my business  –   it had to convince my customer that I can “undersell the big boys” which I did,  – regardless of my mark-up which is how much I make  –
I changed my retail prices every day, wherein neither the customer of the big boys who sent their people to check me out  –
My main consideration was not “how much money I will make, but can I Keep my customer?
I survived until the last year, where I lost customers to the big discount houses, so I closed shop!
I failed to relate how my psychic faculty dealing with toys  –  developed the whole knew system of merchandizing toys  –
here is another case of being a psychic innovator.
when I got 2000 toys to be displayed, I hired two fellas to help me in this task  – well,  for perhaps two hours or so  –  I went into a “trance” and these two guys watched me as I moved toys here and there.
after the “trance”  two weeks later, a fella came into the store to show me the “new merchandising system he was selling.
and what am I doing now at the age of 92, that is in a few weeks, I am still “innovating”  –   with the advent of my blog  – there is no other blog on the internet or non blog that is “doing what I am doing right this minute, and there will “not” be any in the future.
my blog as long as I live, and after I die, will always be a “reminder” that this world that we are living in today, yesterday and for thousands of years,
                        will be completely “overthrown” by the\
                        the AQUARIAN , Golden Age  – which is
                        now entering , its at the cusp, ; and our
                        blog will be one of the “flagships” suppor-
                        ing this Golden Age!
That is “my mission” of course; the other is my biography with snippets of this/that thrown in to show that I am a “human being” after all  – human in the aspect of “having feelings” that have been trampled on by
demented ego i.e. my mother/my wife  –  all part of the scenario and the play of course!
So little by little I am revealing the socalled “unusual in my life”  –  all-in all it was a very hard life until the age of 50 when I was told as a little child of five or so, that the first fifty years of my life will be LOUSY!
I was told at the age of fifty that my body was so wracked that I was practically on my death-bed  –
I can hear my channel when it speaks to me, and I can speak directly to my channel when the need arises, and I dont have to wait for the answer, since “IT’ answers my questions  “immediately” out of “respect for me of course”
my channel, what, who  is the channel?   my socalled channelers have voices coming it, are able to “leave their body to allow “these voices” to come in –  the spiritualist have many people “sitting” which in time, allows “voices to come in”
MY CHANNEL IS MY SOUL  –  bottom line!   I dont need other personalities coming into my life, other than my true “self”; my Soul.


emotions is perhaps the strongest force in a person’s life  –

I know in my life –  I had to keep my emotions “locked up tight” so
tight that even a bulldozer could not open it up!  why?
once it explodes, there is no coming back to normalcy, what I at the time called “normalcy”.
Living with a “demented woman” not in the sense of “normalcy”, but in the sense of “righteousness”  – which in my opinion, she knew nothing about, did not exist for her  –  how do I know?
even as a kid, I knew what righteousness was, from the beginning< I happen to come in at that “consciousness level” and I was literally aghast at the words that came out of my mother’s mouth, the lies etc.
and when I wanted to “know why”  –  her last words were:
I am your mother, and regardless of what I do, I AM YOUR BOSS,
that’s a mother?  wow! once I heard that, I kept my mouth shut, and unfortunately was “forced” to live with this deranged woman.
Unfortunately, I also married the wrong woman  –   who also was deranged in the sense of  ”  the hell with the world and the people in it, “I come first”, what I want, comes first”  –   her socalled happiness was the only thing that mattered to her, not her husband or her kids,
SHE CAME FIRST  –  so my emotions in regard to this problem was intense  –   how could I have married such a woman?
well unfortunately, past lives enters the picture, this woman, and my mother were past life characters that I had to deal with in this present lifetime  – did I do it?  I dont know except what I do know is that for whatever reason I had to straighten out mess I did in previous life times.
perhaps the main reason why I came in “psychic”, and got involved with metaphysics once I closed my business and my kids were on their own.
this world/worlds are more complicated than what the 6 pack Joe can even imagine -???????
Our emotions – are a “key Player”  in this Drama of Life  –  extending from the physical to the spiritual worlds  –
so we must also include “emotions in our quest for self development” whether we like it or not!
what kind of a world would it be, here on the time/space world particulary if emotions cant emote,?  Ask me because my emotions were literally DEAD for 50 yrs, living with a demented mother, and demented wife  –
demented of course on the basis that their whole life was wrapped around one word  E G O!
whats mine is mine,; what yours is also mine,  both my mother, and wife demanded that  “condition”
their idea of reality was simply one word  P O W E R.
and that one word cannot operate withouit  E G O  –
and ego cant operate without the “power of the Satanic Forces”
take it or leave it  – that is how the cookie crumbles as they say.
when in Rome; be with the Romans.
when in a den of thieves,  be a “thief”


what is “thought”; is thought a form of thinking, or it something else?

that is an excellent question since  “thought is something most if not all people, “dont think about”
that is a “conundrum” of course  –  a bit of an oxymoron idea of “what reality is all about”
who is playing games with who?
energy follows thought wow!  what then is “energy and what then is thought”????????????
the only energy the “average Joe” can think of is –  coal, oil, and who  knows what else  –  but then electricity needs oil or coal to become viable since it is not intrinsic  –  (has its own power, depends on fossil fuels, agriculture etc)  yes, the Sun is ow utilized, water power, wind power are also energy producers.
now we are going beyond the physical dimension as mentioned above; going into the METAphysical dimension, into the world that precedes our physical dimension.
Our physical dimension CANNOT EXIST without the Meta”physical dimension, which of course is the 4th and 5th dimensions referred to as the Spiritual World…
The word “resonance” comes into view  –  and what is resonance?
when things “resonate that means that they are on the same “wavelength”  on  the  same  frequency, and our fantastic electronic world, discovered this “secret”, it was a secret for years thousands of years of course, until the word resonance was “understood.
Imagine a room with 100 violins , just violins, no musicians  – and only one violin was “flicked”  guess what at the same time the one violin was flicked, the other 99 was also flicked not by a musician or person, by NO ONE, on its own!
that is called resonance!  and  other than the example of violins, how can this phenomena be understood for “plain common sense”?
lets take a simple thought  –   a very SIMPLE THOUGHT  –   lets say we add a bit of a feeling/emotion to it/ and also add other sensory aspects to it –  besides having six physical sense i.e. yes, ears, nose, void, mouth, etc.  –    we also have perhaps six or more  –   heightened senses, like clairvoyance,(inner seeing) Clair audio ( inner hearing and Clair sensory/ inner sensing.
When I did Silva Mind course; we worked on developing these inner senses which enabled us to do “remote viewing which is telepathy” even though Jose Silva was careful not to say that!  In fact, he was very careful in NOT giving all of the knowledge surrounding what he taught, because the Satanic Forces, exactly like the college kids that took his course did,  and   what did they do?
THEY CALLED JOSE SILVA   A   THIEF   AND    A    FRAUD  FOR THREE DAYS  – they did not leave, continued to practice what he told them to do and what happened next
on the fourth day , judgement day, for Jose Silva  –  was he a fraud  or not!
everyone taking the course was successful, even people like my wife, a  brand new PHd  -who  also continued for three days calling Jose a fraud, ended up as being the best psychic in the place.
later recanted by calling what she did  NOTHING of CONSEQUENCE, simply nothing but “free association”  – she dared not to go into it any further, her ego did not allow her to discuss this any further.
the fraud was the college kids and my exwife  –  they were the frauds, not Jose Silva!
so how do we created are own reality?  Knowing now that “energy/thoughts, follow energy/thoughts.
and know what resonance is  – how come this is not “taught in our colleges?  all of this information has been around for thousands and thousands of years without people know of its existence.
why were they keeping this secret, SECRET?
and they are still keeping this secret  –  why?
the only answer is just one thing, and that thing is called POWER!
my blog is dedicated “to letting the “cat OUT of the bag” as they say,
I am not in the “money business” as everyone is, and never ever want
to be in the “money business” dealing with “truth”
TRUTH AND MONEY DO ‘NOT’ GO TOGETHER   –  money has no connections at all to this word called MONEY!
money is a satanic system for control, one way or another  –  our Supreme Court decision to allow corporate money to “buy elections”
will eventually –  corrupt  what at the moment  is  “ripe for corruption”
keep honest people “out of politics” because the advertisers are not good natured people, wont give them the exposure they need, to let people know “the truth”
the five judges that made that possible, will “Pay the price” when their day comes  – as – sure as the Sun rises and sets”


We must “stop listening to the outer voice, our ego”  !!!!!

how to tell the difference?
that is something each individual must “find out for themselves”s
“the proof is “always in the pudding”  as they say.
the ego will always without fail deal “exclusively with arrogance, pride, socalled accomplishments, and all of the other socalled “benefits: that it, your ego will convince you, one way or another, you will “gain” if you “listen to its advice, like Adam/Eve did in the “garden of Eden”
so its “no secret in regard to what the ego will “promise you” with a written guarantee “thrown in”
the best word that I can think of is “self aggrandizement”  –  self importance,  i.e.  “I did this; I did that, and a host of other “great socalled “ego perks”   –     how an ego acts, responds should not be a “secret” to anyone!  perhaps to the “person themselves; its call “being in denial”
all of our great movies, great novels, great GREATS, are loaded with example of “what an ego is all about”  – guys chasing gals; gals chasing guys , is of course just one example  –  both are putting on “their great face”  to  “catch their prey!
so its a game of course, a game played by all egos with no exception.
the rich play it, the poor play it, everyone plays this game depending on the “level on which they allow their ego to be on “while in action”
again the best stories, the best movies,  –   are all “loaded” with great examples of the “foolishness of how egos behave  –   the more treacherous the ego, the better the novel, the better the movie.
Bette Davis would have lost “her job, if the ego was “eliminated from the story line of the movie she’s playing in!
so what the hell is this all about when you get down to “brass tacks” as they say?
ITS ALL ABOUT SHEER NONSENSE  –   from st art to finish  – its a perfect HOAX set up by the  world of the time/space world  –
this “hoax” does NOT exist on the other dimensions where “nonsense” “cannot exist”
Only on the Beta frequency world, the world we call the physical dimension can this “charade” exist.
so what does it mean:  it means that our “overlords, the “elites, the “erudites, and certainly our “esteemed” scholars
ALL OF THEM FIRST CLASS, CERTIFIED EGOS, despite the appearance otherwise   – they certainly “are not” evolved “human beings, with exceptions of course i.e. LaTZu, Hermes, Swedenborg, etc.
they are the socalled epitome of  “what a true ego is all about” and for just one reason  –  and that reason is inviolable  –
If their consciousness is ruled by the BETA frequency  –   without exception they are certified, bonafied, EGOS, if not, they are not! so there can be exceptions i.e. like Newto, who played both ends of the fields as they say in sports, since he was a closeted MetaPhyscian, dared not to tell anyone of course!
Einstein came out into the open  –  but then  –  he was also “on the fence” at the same time, a bit torn between “what appears to be, and what does not appear to be  –
however, if he came back into incarnation, that in between problem most likely could be solved, this time around.
I am lucky in that I am “nothing literally speaking, so I “own myself” People like Einstein being “something” have a problem of “knowing it all, when he didnt of course!
so what is our “inner voice” and how can we access it with the ego taken over all of our “thought processes”?
the easiest way to handle this is to “know the difference”
“to make a difference, one must “know” the difference”
and what “is” this difference?
the difference between the ego and the Soul  –  the Beta ego frequency from the Soul frequency which is Alpha.
so its not secretive, hidden, esoteric at all  – its wide open –  who screws it all up?
the socalled spiritual advisers, who gum it all up with all of their screwy methods, that support their need to charge money   –  which automatically in the eyes of the Spiritual hierarchy in the higher dimension, –  they are immediately discredited.
religion per se   –    the cause for “all the wars for thousands of years,  man killing man  – also discredits them also   –
what remains?  You remain  –  the beta , the alpha, the theta frequencies remain!
its up to you, not to anything else in the world.
truth begins with you, and ends with you  –  false beliefs == untruths
discover your false beliefs, what do you end up with  – truth of course!
this blog has given people the wherewithal to eliminate their egos  –
egos work strictly on the Beta Frequency  – cant go beyond into the higher frequencies of Alpha/Theta.
which means, egos must go  !!!!!!   who thrives with the ego?  Satan


of course! and what is this connection, practically speaking of course?

What does “health enter into lives in regard to how   thoughts and emotions, inter relate?
Of course thoughts and emotions in the long and short of it ‘are chemicals’  – chemicals is what our body is all about  – there is a difference between a happy thought/feeling and an unhappy thought/feeling  –
Thoughts “are things” whether we like it or not!  emotions also become materialized one way or another.
You have heard this saying” we are our worst enemy” well, that is wha this blog is all about.  Negative thinking negative emotions  – hey spew poison into every cell of our body  – make the pharmaceutical industry rich, along with their purveyors, the medical doctors, hospitals, the whole shebang of conspirators.
So if “you imagine the “worst” you will undoubtedly experience the worst,  “like attracts like”, so if you want good health, deal with health in all of the facets of your life  –
again  ” like attracts like” that is the Law of Attraction, a Universal Law of Nature.
the body, mind etc. has the capability to “heal itself”   –  something that the medical system including the pharmaceutical companies, do NOT want the public to know, and how is it done, how does the body heal itself”
and how does emotions, thoughts make it possible?
first of all we agree that or body in the final analysis is a “chemical body” loaded with all kinds of “chemicals”  no connection to the poison that our drug companies sell  –   connected more to the facts that amino acids which are not drugs, are made by these “chemicals” in our body, a natural process.
well, when we let fear, hatred, anger and a host of other chemical poisons, “invade our whole being”   –  we are signing out death sentence.
replace it with love, laughter etc.
Telepathy  is  not  just a word  – its fact of Nature  –  and people are constantly without knowing it of course, telepathic messages, good/bad and constant flow going on, and on, and on
without them knowing “exactly what they are doing”   –   just as a “cell phone” works, telepathy being the same with its “own technology” works as well if not better, without any cost to it!
Just be thinking of a person; telepathy comes a “fact”
to proof conclusively, dramatically that telepathy works, even without knowing consciously why and how it works.  The best example that I can give is when I finished the Silva Mind Course, I joined a cottage group other “graduates, people that demonstrated that they could do telepathic work<  and one day when I went to the cottage group instead of them giving me a name, a city, state , the usual system for helping sick people overcome their illnesses  – they said go to your “level which is the telepathic “level” and when I did, that gave me two initials, not the name of the person and the state which was California.
I said wait a minute! you are only giving me two initials instead of name, in a state with over 20 million people in it, you expect me to find this person?
their response was Yes!  and they were right on the nose, I almost got his full name, I got his first name GEORGE, I missed out “by a hair on the full name which was Jackson, I said JOEsephson,  jake/Joe how close can anyone get.
I mentioned this story in one of my earlier writings.
yes, telepathy exists, but not for the Eilites, Erudites, Scholars, being certified egos, they do their best to insult people like me.
I also got a picture of my mind of what this person looked like  –  the next day that same face appeared in the Boston Globe exactly as I saw it telepathically,
NOW WHO WOULD BELIEVE THIS, the above named academics posing as “wise-men”
who is the really “wise-me, hem or me”!
Me being my “channel” that does all the socalled “wise -work!
of course  our ego “one with our governmental educational system along with their “shills” the prestigious  colleges etc.
all certified egos!
have brainwashed massmindmentality to a degree where “saving them” seems like an impossibility!
I do want to say that when I took Silva Mind, the location was in a college and most of the kids taken the course were “students.  Well,
for the first two days, it was a four day course, they argued so much, calling Jose Silva a charlatan, that instead of stopping at 6 PM, we wee still there at 12 PM arguing.
My exwife a PHd also did her share of arguing   – well on the fourth day when we all had to “put up or shut up” the PROOF OF THE PUDDING had to come to the climax is it or isnt it a fraud.
there were forty people in the class, and not one could NOT do REMOTE VIEWING; they all converted from being a skeptic to being a believers, except my PHd wife, who called it nothing but “free association”   she lacked the “wisdom of understanding what she jst accomplished – perhaps the greatest “revelation in the world, she chose the CHAFF, and not the WHEAT
despite her PHd status, she had “nothing upstairs”


if that “is” the case, then who do we blame?

“our “whole self, our Soul” in difference “to our ego”  is evident/aware”
of everything that happens to us, both in the waking, and no waking state!
of course reincarnation has been proven NOT to be a theory but a fact  –
an important Psychiatrist, at the moment I cant remember his name, but I once I remember it, I will let you all know  he proved without a doubt that reincarnation, past lives exist and can be “tapped”.  He is not the only one; when in California I found a person who was also fantastically adept dealing with “past lives”  I will also let you know when his name opens up to me.