What “is” creativity? and why is IT, the major theme in people’s lives?

Why is it that the “world in general/people of course, have little in regard to creativity  -other than using the word “artist” i.e. artists, musicians etc.
REAL CREATIVITY  which goes on “continually” deals “exclusively” with “MULTI DIMENSIONAL WORLDS, and the sad “fact” people in general, which of course is egominded, knows nothing about it!
When I use the word multi-dimensional of course what I “mean” is other worlds other than the world we “live in” today.
Multi obviously implies the word MUCH, MANY  –  How come we know nothing about them?  Why is it such a “secret”; what keeps IT a secret? and why is this socalled “secret” KEPT SECRET?
These questions should be addressed; and the “rreason” why they are ot addressed is because “we live in a time/space world; a world that DENIES the existence of everything OTHER THAN ITSELF.
and what is a time/space world?
A time/space world is a world that deals “exclusively with MATTER’ which of course is physical-NESS.  and what IS physicalness in plain english?
anything that cant be felt by our physical senses is called IMAGINATION and is UNACCEPTABLE by our educational systems since our equipment is unable to go beyond “its own borders”
This “other world” instead deals EXCLUSIVELY with SENSES that CAN BE REACHED, once a person is IMBEDDED  the necessary frequences such as ALPHA/THETA.
Again proof of that is what my blog has been writing about for a long time. Read my blogs and you will find personal proof of the existence of the authenticity of the multi-dimensional world.
As an example, why and how was it possible, me being the subject, was able to COME UP WITH THE EXACT FACE OF A PERSON LIVING IN A STATE, CALIFORNIA where at the time over 20 million people lived, back in 1972 when I worked Silva Mind “cases” at a cottage group  back then.
Our socalled time/space could never be able to accommodate me at that time.  I even got the name,  all I was “given” were two initials G J.  I got the first name right, George, I almost got the last name right, I said Josephson, the exact name was Jackson,  Joe-Jack pretty clost woiuldnt you say.
MY STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS AT THE TIME WAS “not” in the time space world; it was in the multi-dimensional world, where there are NO BOUNDARY LINE, NO LIMITATIONS, PURE LIBERATION!
Our time/space world which of course our EGO RULES SUPREMELY, being bound, limited by time/space of course, abides in the BOON DOCKS, has no vision, no understanding, LIMITED BY ITS OWN STUPID
FALSE BELIEF SYSTEM, thus uneffectual!
again to recap, our creativity which is NOT of the time/space world, is the strongest force in our lives, and in the world, MUST BE ALLOWED TO DESTROY its nemises, THE EGO  – and get the LIBERATION IT DESERVES.
Keep in mind the most precious thing we have OUR HEALTH, is determined by “our creativity” – knowing this its about time we FACED THE MUSIC WHICH OF COURSE MEANS GETTING RID OF OUR FALSE BELIEF SYSTEM, which have been stifling this “great gift we got from god”
Although in my blogs I have said that the word god should not be put on a pedestal  the edict from the OLD TESTMENT, I am not being a hypocrite when I use that word because “IT IS BEING USED PROPERLY WITH GREAT RESPECT.!


The “main feature” of conscious intent/ consciousness is the FACT THAT BOTH ARE INHERENT.  and what does “that mean”

First the word “inherent” and its puroses” GO COUNTER TO WHAT WE ARE TAUGHT, even though even socalled “educated people” DO NOT KNOW THAT?  If they did there whole “educational system” would be immediately “thrown to the ashes where in my humble opinion, it belongs.
Again the word “inherent comes from the word “inherit” does it not?  How does   our “present educational system “inherit”?  it doesnt of course, it does the opposite, and where does the word “consciousness come into the “picture”; it doesnt of course  –  people are “familiar” with the word “conscious, for them it means being alive, basically speaking, and that is where it “begin and ends” because once the letter, NESS, comes into play that word “conscious” loses its MEANING.
Adding the word INTENT, continues to ‘BAFFLE’ our educators since the way “they” set up their “programs” intent has no place in their curriculums, none whatsoever.
The word INTENT goes far “beyond” the CAPACITY of our educators because it IMPLIES, that our educators have “experienced” the “multi-dimensional world of INTENT –  which they have not of course.
My entry yesterday made a mention of the “fact” that multi-dimensional “states of consciousness” are OFFERED TO ALL HUMAN BEINGS, and  those with the developed “consciousness” can utilize these heightened states of consciousness
What prevents this from happening of course is “fear, doubt and opposing beliefs!
The mystery of this word “conscioussness and the word “intent” causes many “changes” in those who are “wise enough” to know the difference”, these changes are reflected in attributes, and character!
and it functions automatically since “intent is the key that UNLOCKS all of the doors(fear, doubt etc)
The easiest proof of course for me and for millions of other “seekers” was Silva Mind  –  what we DID proves “without a doubt” that the multidimensional world not only exists but has more potentcy of anything on this third dimensional planet; the reason why our educational system/politicians put pressure on them back in the middle sseventies.  How do I know?  I WAS THERE, AND COMPLAINED ABOUT THAT along with other “open minded SEEKERS.
Want  definitive changes in your life? and who doesnt?  Knowing “in advance” that our planet called Mother Earth represents not even a “dot” in the heavens with trillions of planets etc.-and what does that mean?  It means that for me and for you and for everyone, we must GO BEYOND OUR LIMITED UNDERSTANDING OF WHAT REALITY IS REALLY ALL ABOUT!  it means that US, and the billions, trillions of LIFE in GODS KINGDOM ARE ALL THE SAME, when it comes to the words frequency and vibration, and the words intent, and consciousness, and again that has been proven over fifty years ago by an UNEDUCATED MEXIICAN CALLED JOSE SILVA.
The most sacred prayer of the Hebrew Religion is:
Unfortunately that has been misinterpreted by even the clergy of the Hebrew Religion  –  their interpretation although valid for their belief system, does not get INTO THE HEART OF THAT PRAYER.  That “prayer” was meant to imply that there is a common denominator for LIFE PER SE, and that common denominator is the word that we call GOD;  and by the way, in the Hebrew religion using that word, god, is forbidden when praying and even not praying, its forbidden, they substituted the word hashem instead.
The greatest living human being that ever existed on this planet was Emmanuel Swedenborg, the only human being that was able to commune with the angles and arch angels.
When asked about religions which one he believed was the TRUE RELIGION, he forsake the religion he grew up in even though he was in the clergy, and pronounced the only TRUE RELGION WAS THE REAL RELIGION, THE RELIGION  OF THE HEBREWS.
those who wish to dispute this “fact”, should either buy his works, or get them from their local library.


Yrs  there is a “direct connection” between the mind/emotions/expectation, beliefs and “wholistic health” which of course goes far beyond  our physical symptoms.  If homeopathy was truly “investigated”,present medical doctors primarily allopathic believers, would think that they are in a “strange world of medicine; homeopathy investigates “everything” before making a decision as to “cause” – its mind boggling of course!  Does it work?  The first one hundred hospitals in the USA were HOMEOPATHIC HOSPITALS.  We had one in Boston where I come from.

Our feeling, thoughts, expectations determines everything about ourselves, and again homeopathy takes that all into consideration successfully. Unfortunately the pharmaceutal industry got rid of homeopathy with the assistance of the medical system of course.
Our cells communicate with each other constantly, its a vast network, works like a charm when a person is in a balanced state.  That is body mind emotions and spiritual attendance.
How does the Soul enter the picture?
The soul selected by the god-head “is part of the god-head, thus cannot be destroyed, lives on forever  –  its purpose is two-fold – it must work in sycn with the god-head , it must also be “able” to work with it “inhabitant/ the human being”=
The ego is put into the picture in order that “what must happen “will happen” to enable the person to experience what he/she has to experience in order to “learn” what he/she was “meant to learn fro incarnation to incarnation>
The human being is always “being tested”  – the reason why the god-head created its adversary Satan, –  cause/effect is the modus operanti of the world that we live in today which my channel calls, the 3rd dimension.
Even though the “soul” is completely overlooked “in our egoistic world” it is still very functionary, since what “it beholds” it silently does what “it has to do” regardless of the fact that most if not all people’s dont know it!
Its like a “silent partner” in a business establishment.
My channel considers the individual soul; as a “cell of the Alm
The “cells world is our body; cells make up “organs” again our body made up of cells, “Is’ the world of the cells.
Our Soul unlike “cells” is UNBOUNDED  –  there are no boundaries for Souls – multidimensional worlds are open to souls!
Unknown to humans is the FACT, that they are also “unbounded”: no limitation; the world “is their oyster\
To be unbounded a person must go beyond the time/space world  -some have accomplished this “feat” most have not due to their bouinded belief system.

Multi-Dimensional Realities

What is/are multi dimensionall realities? do the exist? Is our “reality” involved with mul tidimensional worlds?

And how can they be “similtaneous” – there “are” answers for these questions of course!
Have you seen how frequencies i.e.alpha, theta etc. and rays all kinds live “side by side” within our time/space world  – many of our appliance, many of anything that deals with “frequencies and there are literally thousands, mllions of them, ALL EXISTING IN PEACE RIGHT ON OUR PLANTE AT THIS VERY MOMENT!
WHO KNOWS that, hardly anyone  – how can the all be operating without impinging “on each other”  – new frequencies are discovered all of the time its called “technology; science and other names of course.
The “occultist” are familiar with all of this of course  –  the “primitives” kno w  it also using their “terms/understanding of course”  -animals abide by all of these rays/frequencies naturally of course.
The Tibetans and other cultures show all of this in there “special art”-depictingt “the many energy rings, layer on top of layer, dimensions on top of dimensions, all DEPICTED on a FLAT SERVICE CALLED A SHEET OF PAPER!.
Great artists know all of this of course  –  great minds know this of course – the esotericist know this of course  – who doesnt know this?
Egos of course!  they continue to say that the experiences we all “experience” is the CAUSE, and not the EFFECT, which means that there are no other “energies/powers” in our world other than what our “small minds cook up” – it called “being real”  –  called “reality” is it?
of course not!  We live not in the causual world we live in the world of effect and what does that mean?
Only the causal world can tell us the answers to those questions.
Can the causal world be entered? Of cause all a person has to do is to go INTO THE RIGHT FREQUENCY which is alpha/theta and the person is “one with the causual world”  Has this been done?  of course I did it forty years ago doing Silva Mind   – I did from the age of five when  “my channel” appeared –  my recollection at five was:  “THE FIRST FIFTY YEAS OF MY LIFE WILL NOT BE PLEASANT, in fact quite the opposite  -a suffered big time for fifty years.  Exactly at fifty, my life changed 100%  –
Yes, there are other worlds; there is a heaven and there IS  a Hell, and there is Karma –  and the socalled “esoterics”  are for real as I am proof of that – my life after the age of fifty proves that conclusively


What “is” conscience” and is it what people think it is.  It deals of course with what we call “reflection” – guilt, which we find if not connected to the
“soul” which of course is one with “natural guilt”; unfortunately is totally misinterpreted and misunderstood.  Because its used primarily for the “artificial world that we live in, which I call ego for want of a better word of description”.

So we see  how “artificial guilt” dominates the lives thru the power of the EGO, do “do its “dirty work”
As you know I am no lover of reason,logic,intellect, and my main reason is because it is the BASTION OF THE EGO, –  it however “can and is used by people who have developed consciousness states (critical thinking) is a term that identifies higher consciousness states –  the problem with that of course is academia who uses different measurement tools- thus mixing the chalf with the wheat thru ignorance of course!
We must “realize” the significance of consciousness  –  when we consider that  creativity is the way “it is assessed, not by putting information into the memory bank which is the”opposite”of creativity.
Creativity emerges from the hgher dimensions, a fact that most if not all educators know very little about  –  when student “think” or when people in general “think”,  the question arises, “what faculty are they using”?
Most would say memory, something they read or even thought about using ego tools rather than spiritual tools.  Critical thinking is a “buzz word that most people cannot define”
Of course as you all know by now, I am a firm exponent of the word “intuitive since that has been mode of operenti all of my life.  Have amade mistakes using my ego mind?  of course I have, I am not perfect, I dont always practice what I preach!
I wont leave this ego world as a perfected human being, that is for sure! I am like everyone else who has to be tested constantly.
According to Seth, he believes that the conscious mind is very creative; from his point of view  I am sure that he is correct.  The idea is “how to “see his point of view, and my point of view of course –  I have simplified this of course; its between the “ego view of the world, the left hemisphere of the brain, and the non ego, the right hemisphere of the brain.  Seth apparently chose the right hemisphere when he said that the conscious mind is creative.  One of course is UNconscious, being linear (the left); the other side is non linear(right side)
He also says that “man” is basically good, that is applying the innate faculties of man, but then only a few percent of the worlds population use their “innate faculties”  Yes, man is good “if he/she is lucky” and not “sucked in” by our egocentric world where everyone is on their own, the idea of “I COME FIRST, THE HELL WITH EVERYONE ELSE”


What we “mortals” call memory is restricted to “everyday activities”- however “memory” is a “process” that goes back way beyond the physical world, and extends way beyond the socalled “present world”.  The word itself is even misunderstood by our “pundits” even our dictionary “pundits”

It embraces of course the word “reflection” and what “is” reflection, is it possible for this world TO EMBRACE THE BEFORE AND AFTER?
The answer of course is YES.  How do I know?  personally I have had that experience; I am using myself as proof of course and I am sure many Metaphyscians can say the same thing.
How is it possible for the I Ching to predict the future, or the Taroh cards and other methodologies?  How come people under “real deep hypnosis is capable of going backwards in time.  How come Mr Swyguard’s system enables people to “enter past lives, without hypnosis?  How do I know I studied with Mr/ Swygard and had first hand experiences to prove his system is accurate.
it all deals one way or another with this word MEMORY.
Now we enter another subject and that subject’s word is GRACE!.  what “is” grace?
my understanding of “grace” is probable a weak understanding however, Seth gives a good description of “grace”; his best is the word “effortless”,
When I “channel” I am in this state of “grace” since it is “effortless”  True joyfulness is also “grace”
According to Seth newborns come in in a “state of Grace”
We will all “die” in a state of grace”  It is a “blessing from God AlmightY”
Our animal kingdom also comes in and dies in a state of “grace”  Even if you are an  “atheist” you will “still die in a state of Grace”
True love, non sexual, sees this “state of Grace in another” Of course animals inherently live this “state of Grace”  – humans need for “aggrandizment (ego) denies this “state of grace” since it adds nothing “to their bottom line”
So we see the symbiosis of “grace -peace- natural guilt”  THE TRUE NATURAL MAN CAME IN THAT WAY –  got displaced by the EGO of course with its “Germany Uber Alles,” which allowed the ego to murder million of innocent people!  protected and excused by ego’s great liars, their philosophers, depraved people with depraved minds.  Hitler was a byproduct of  Satanic minds – as well as other dictators, Stalin etc.


Paraphrasing Seth, a non human from another dimension.

His intepretation of “what is” goes far beyond our dimension wherein
he sees the “interplay between energies exercised by  individuals of course, interplays wherein the quiet sons repressed aggression is “played out” by other siblings of his.
That actually happened in the family I grew up in, and also in my own family, two sons, one aggresive, the other non aggressive.
Also happened with me and my younger brother, he was aggressive, I was not!
Where was/is love?  love according to Seth when outgoing “is” aggressive, disguised most if not all of the time.
They “must work together”  -When love is unexpressed; it in time can and does become aggressive, one way “or another”
The only thing that triumphs is IGNORANCE of course!
So Natural Guilt has a purpose for it – despite the ignorance of us, the people who have little or no understanding “of what’s going on”